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I am a former student of Mr. Science Teacher’s and now an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Kentucky. After completing my first year of engineering, I can easily say that my hours spent in Mr. Science Teacher's classroom in high school were the ones that best prepared me for college, as well as life. With his passion for education and the sciences, desire to see the continued success of each and every student, and vast science background, Mr. Science Teacher creates a classroom that can take students of all different learning types and interests and unite them with an inspired appreciation and enthusiasm for the sciences. The passion for science and thorough understanding of physics and chemistry that Mr. Science Teacher instilled in me throughout two years of chemistry and two years of physics allowed me to excel in my first year of engineering. Because of Mr. Science Teacher, I was able to bypass all of the college level chemistry for my major and stand out in my first two engineering physics courses, one of which was not recommended for freshman due to its difficulty. By the end of the year, ten to fifteen peers, some of which I did not previously know, were consistently coming to me for informal physics tutoring. I cannot speak highly enough of the educational experience that Mr. Science Teacher provides, and I am genuinely excited for the wide group of students that will be able to benefit from his guidance because of this invaluable educational tool!


I am a former student of Mr. Science Teacher's and I am currently an Engineer at the University of Illinois. In high school, chemistry was not my favorite class, but I found myself every day excited for class as my teacher presented with such passion, interesting stories, and desire to see students succeed. After taking a year and a half off of chemistry since high school, I recently scored one question away from the highest score in my college chemistry class of 500 people. Every single lecture I have attended has been review of my high school chemistry, and I sit bored in class wishing Mr. Science Teacher would be the professor instead. Aside from chemistry, I took two years of physics in my high school. In applying to the U of I, I took a placement test for physics. At registration, I was informed I had scored a perfect score on the exam and would be allowed to bypass all the introduction physics classes, all thanks to the great physics education I was given in high school. Even at this top-tier university, I have yet to find a professor with so much excitement for teaching, desire to see students succeed, and such a gift for explaining the sciences in a thought-provoking way. I can simply not give a higher recommendation, Mr. Science Teacher is an excellent teacher, and an even better person.


As a former student of Mr. Science Teacher, I can easily say that he is very passionate about his career, and one of the best teachers I have ever had. Not only does he care about his students, but he also will do anything to help them better understand the material. I completed Chemistry with Mr. Science Teacher. He would gladly help me further understand any problems that I found difficult. As a freshman in college, I am able to achieve high scores on my chemistry exams due to Mr. Science Teacher's help throughout high school. I am very fortunate that I had the opportunity to have him as a teacher. He gave me confidence in order to succeed in chemistry in high school and in college.


Early in my High School career, I came to the realization that I wanted to become a nurse. In order to do so, I knew that I would need to take Chemistry. Thankfully, Mr. Science Teacher was my teacher for Chemistry. I am now a freshman in college and scoring extremely well in my Chemistry Class. Because he WANTS his students to learn at an advanced level, he will take all the time necessary to explain troublesome topics. Although I feared college-level Chemistry, thanks to Mr. Science Teacher, I am confident that I will do well. With his help, my goal to become a nurse is certainly within reach.


I have experienced first hand the difficult transition from a high school education to a university level education. Science is not easy in college, but I can positively state that through the guidance of Mr. Science Teacher my transition came easier than other students. Throughout my high school career I was privileged to have Mr. Science Teacher as an instructor. His unique teaching strategies did not simply have me memorize and forget information but gave me a solid foundation in science. My previous education and continued support from Mr. Science Teacher has kept me at the top of my college chemistry class and in turn permitted myself to assist fellow students.


I'm a Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Notre Dame. Thanks to the chemistry and physics class I took with you (four and a half years worth of classes), freshman year of college was my easiest year of school since 8th grade. My chemistry classes (which caused about 50 people to drop engineering as a major) were a walk in the park. I did not have an issue with any homework or tests, and my classmates and friends frequently came to me for help. My freshman Newtonian physics class was the same story. Sophomore year's Electricity and Magnetism course, while possibly the hardest class I've taken in college, was much easier for me than those around me. Any physics based class I've taken has not caused any problem. This year I had to take an Electrical Engineering class and the knowledge of circuits that I learned from you made my class a breeze. Even classes that were not directly covered by the material in your classes were made easier by the methods taught in your classes. The challenging, yet caring instruction I experienced your classes has helped me in every class. I really believe that you are a large contributor to the success I have experienced at Notre Dame.


I was the high school kid that thought sciences were a waste of time. I already knew I was going to earn my degree in English, so the hard sciences weren't even of interest to me. In fact, I think I was intentionally difficult in class because I did not want to be there. My chemistry course, though almost a foreign language to those who had it with other teachers, was made extremely manageable. In fact, almost exactly what I had learned in my high school coursework was taught at the collegiate level. I appreciate both the basic mechanics/foundational principles as well as the eager interest/enthusiasm I had earned for learning about the hard sciences.


What can I say about Mr. Science Teacher… Mr. Science Teacher not only helped me in the classroom but in the real world as well, let me explain. Mr. Science Teacher is just what it says it is… it's an extra help for those who don't quite comprehend fully with what is going on in the classroom. Sometimes people like myself feel uncomfortable by asking questions in class and getting made fun for not understanding at other student's speed. Mr. Science Teacher is not only helpful but it's super convenient. All you have to do is have access a computer with the Internet and go to the website and you are locked in for some excellent tips and extra help. How Mr. Science Teacher helped me in the real world was not only spreading the word to my classmates, and college classmates, but when taking science classes it helped me be a better student. It helped me take better notes, ask the questions, and then when coming home I can log on to Mr. Science Teacher and solidify what I learned that day. Mr. Science Teacher is a great learning tool and I would be happy to send anyone the link and the information to help them, it also gave me a much better appreciation for Science!


Hello, I am a former student of Mr. Science Teacher and am currently majoring in Engineering Physics at the University of Illinois. This past year I took several math and physics courses. Despite being one of the top engineering schools in the country, I noticed many of the students struggled with the introductory physics and math classes. (It is also important to note that my chemistry requirement for college was fulfilled because I passed the AP test after taking a chemistry class taught by Mr. Science Teacher.) However, this did not apply to me as I already knew most of the material and only needed a refresher. I know I was able to do this because I actually learned the material instead of just memorizing solutions. When taking a class with Mr. Science Teacher, he made sure that everyone understood the work before moving on to a new subject. This teaching style ensured success during high school, but also prepared me for my future college curriculum.


I am currently a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. When I began my first year of college I was unsure what I was going to major in. I attended summer registration for freshmen and was shocked yet happy to discover that I had scored very well on the chemistry placement exam and was able to be placed in the higher level chemistry class, thanks to what I learned in chemistry 1 and chemistry 2 during high school with you. However, when I got to campus in the fall I started leaning towards a more math or business oriented major and did not end up taking a chemistry or physics course my first semester. After deciding to go with Actuarial Science as a major, I, unlike other business oriented majors, had to take Calculus 3. When I first began the course, I felt like I was one of the only students in the classroom that was not an engineer, meaning everyone else most likely was currently or already had enrolled in some type of physics course. Because Calculus 3, at times, was directed towards engineering topics, I often noticed the professor would relate the calculus to physics topics and cover some calculus based physics. With my previous knowledge of physics that I learned with you in my high school courses, conceptual physics and senior physics, I was able to understand these topics even with a higher calculus based background without having taken college physics course. I felt I was able to excel and understand the topics, even the physics related ones, with my high school physics background, where other students were struggling with not only the math but the physics topics even after being enrolled in a college level physics course that would have covered similar topics to the physics based chapters of Calculus 3. Thanks to your challenging yet thorough explanation of physics and chemistry during high school I was able to broaden my understanding of science which helped me even in a non-science related major.