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We Provide Educational Services in Chemistry, Physics, and Math for High School & College Students

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Homework Help

Physics, Chemistry,
and Mathematics
  • Your Questions Answered
  • High School / College
  • Complete Solutions
  • Step-By-Step Strategies

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Mr. Science Teacher - The Best Way to Get an A!

Mr. Science Teacher's Video Classroom

High School Science Curriculum in Chemistry, Physics and Math!

"I Want To Help
You Excel!"

High School Chemistry Video Classroom

Introductory Offer

High School Chemistry Video Classroom

1 Year Access

Our high school chemistry video classroom is brand new and has not been completed. Videos will be added / updated as the 2014-2015 school year progresses. We need your feedback to make our official product launch in 2015 a huge success!

Coming Soon: 2015-2016
Pre-Algebra - Algebra I - Physical Science

Mr. Science Teacher's ® Chemistry Video Classroom
is the best recipe for success!
  • Each Video Classroom illustrates step-by-step problem solving techniques with examples geared to inspire, educate, engage, and encourage students in over 160 lessons
  • Daily homework provides an opportunity to further the discovery and mastery of each lesson
  • Quizzes and tests allow students to demonstrate the skills they have learned
  • Print-ready progress reports provide a convenient method to document success
  • All solutions are provided

At Mr. Science Teacher ® , we offer college-prep online classes and personal tutoring for homeschool, private school, and public school students to supplement their education.

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