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We Provide Tutoring, Homework Help, and Online Video Courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Math for High School & College Students

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Mr. Science Teacher - The Best Way to Get an A!

Matthew Poston, aka Mr. Science Teacher ®, is a licensed teacher with certifications in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

"I Want To Help You Excel!"

  • Each classroom day contains video instruction outlining new concepts while strengthening previously discussed topics.
  • There are 160 days in a school year; 80 days in a semester; 40 days in a quarter; thus, there are 4 quarters in a school year.
  • We offer daily homework and quiz assignments with testing every 5th day. Semester exams are on day 80 and day 160.
  • All assignments are immediately graded online and recorded in a downloadable, printable, and confidential gradebook; quarter, semester, and cumulative grades included.
  • Following each homework, quiz, or test; a step-by-step solutions video illustrates effective problem solving techniques.
  • Quarter Grades: 10% Homework, 20% Quizzes, 70% Tests; Semester Grades: 80% Quarter Grades, 20% Semester Exam
  • Grading Scale: 93% - 100% A; 85% - 92% B; 77% - 84% C; 70% - 76% D; 0% - 69% F

No textbook required.

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Students obtain strategies and problem solving skills in a convenient, safe and friendly online environment.

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Mr. Science Teacher's Video Classroom

High School Chemistry
Video Classroom

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  1. Benefits:
  2. · The video classroom is a 1 year stand-alone course
  3. · 160 lessons demonstrating how to solve problems
  4. · Earn better grades and achieve higher test scores
  5. · Online testing with a downloadable gradebook
  6. · Includes all software and curriculum updates
  7. · Gradebooks can be reset each school year
  8. · Get answers to your specific questions
  9. · Less expensive than a private tutor
  10. · 24/7 access - 100% online

Our philosophy of education is to overcome your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

Mr. Science Teacher's Video Classroom
The Recipe for Success!

  • Step-by-step problem solving techniques with examples geared to inspire, educate, engage, and encourage
  • Daily homework provides an opportunity to further the discovery and mastery of each lesson
  • Quizzes and tests allow students to demonstrate the skills they have learned
  • Print-ready progress reports provide a convenient method to document success
  • All solutions are provided

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At Mr. Science Teacher ® , we offer college-prep online classes and personal tutoring for homeschool, private school, and public school students to supplement their education.

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